Group Bookings

Private or Corporate

Courses Group Bookings: Adam is happy to arrange private glassblowing workshops for corporate team-building events, or for groups of family members or friends, including children from age 11.

We can accommodate private groups for various events, including birthday parties, hen parties and special family anniversaries, as well as groups of business colleagues, either as a team-building event or company Christmas party. Light refreshments can be provided.

These bespoke workshops can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. We can accommodate up to 15 people for a workshop where each person makes one piece, for example, a paperweight, heart, tumbler, vase or bowl. These workshops would last from one and a half to three hours depending on how many people were taking part and the item being made.

Alternatively, members of a group could choose to make more than one piece each, and the duration of these sessions would depend on the number of participants and the number and type of pieces per person.

Group workshops are usually run on Thursday afternoons, or Friday mornings or afternoons. Late afternoon/early evening workshops can also be arranged, and weekends from time to time.

Send us a message, call 0148 337 5035 or email for pricing and other details.

Terms and Conditions

The booking is confirmed on receipt of payment.

Once a booking has been confirmed, it is subject to terms and conditions for cancellations »