Covid19 and our Glassblowing Courses

You can now book our courses online through the relevant calendars

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As you probably know, for some time we haven’t been able to run our popular glassblowing sessions but this has now changed and we are up and running again.

There are risks associated with Covid19 but we are very careful to mitigatre these as much as possible. One of the features of the course is that it is very “hands on”.

In teaching glassblowing, there is some close contact between the tutor (me) and the student (you), because we are standing side by side for some of the time and handling the same glassblowing iron. This means that the risk was too high previously.

We have now recommenced our courses and dates are gradually being added to the online calendars. I have had both my vaccinations, and that makes it easier to proceed, although we still need to be careful. I have four friends double vaccinated who have recently caught Covid!

If you already have a voucher, it will be extended to be valid for a year from the time we start the courses again, but you may need to choose a date from the calendar and email me to let me know as the website booking system doesn’t always like the updated voucher.

Our prices went up at the beginning of the year, but if you have a course voucher, there is nothing extra to pay, so if the website asks you for an extra payment, please don’t pay and let me know so I can book you in manually.

NB when booking with a voucher, when the website asks for your email address, you need to enter the email address of the purchaser, as this is a safety feature.

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Here are the links to the calendars:

Half day course:

Make a bauble;

Make a paperweight:

Make a Tumbler:

More dates are being added every week, so if the dates you are looking for are not available, keep looking or email me to see if I’m about to add that date.