Glassblowing for Children

Glassblowing for Children

Glassblowing is a fabulous experience for young people.

It is great having children in the studio and we generally get very good results with our younger students.

Children aged 9 and upwards, accompanied by an adult, can participate in most of our courses, see below, and you can purchase vouchers for these courses online or book via the calendar. Adults don’t have to do the course but we recommend that you do as you will enjoy it and we often get asked whether adults have to stay for the duration and the answer is yes. These are not courses where you can drop off a child and come back later!

Blow your own Tumbler, Bowl or Vase
Make a Glass Paperweight
Blow your own Christmas Bauble
Make Your Own Glass Heart for Valentine’s Day

Hot sculpt a Glass bird, elephant or duck



However, our half day courses are only available to children under 18 by arrangement.

The main reason is that some couples make arrangements for their kids to be doing other activities at the weekend in order to have some personal time without their kids. As our courses generally have up to six participants, it doesn’t make sense for them to turn up on a course and find other people’s children there!

However, if you are a family group of six or more including under 18s, it is much easier to accommodate you because you’d probably be taking up all the available spaces. It is also possible to cater for a group of six or more children on a half day course, but adults must accompany them.

There are also occasions when it is possible to include an adult and child or two, particularly when we have other repeat students on the same day whom we know are happy to work alongside children. So this  is really a question of getting the right mix of students rather than not being prepared to teach children.

If you are interested in booking a half day course for children, it is best to email me with your phone no and I will call to discuss as I talk faster than I type.😀