Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam Aaronson

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge

Adam Aaronson is exhibiting a dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge at Birtley House.

Asked about the inspiration and thought process behind his dramatic rainbow glass rope bridge, Adam said:

“I often think that all people, regardless of their background, are really just in different phases of a similar metaphorical journey. Each person is seeking the security and happiness, which perhaps they can find at the end of the rainbow.

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam Aaronson


“For some, however, life can also involve a literal journey. A refugee, for example, seeking a safe haven, is likely to be on a long journey full of pitfalls, sometimes needing to cross several frontiers. Whereas a commuter on the daily trudge to work may see life as a treadmill. But their journey is nowhere near as precarious. However, sometimes if the traffic is held up or the train is delayed, the commuter can feel that the world is falling apart. Everything is relative and in reality the commuter knows that their future is secure.”

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam AaronsonDramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam Aaronson

Adam intends his ‘Rope Bridge’, aside from being a dramatic and colourful sculpture,  to be an allegory for this journey. Of course the journey is much more uncertain for some than for others. Life is full of pitfalls. What could be more precarious than a rope bridge made of glass?

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam Aaronson

“I have deliberately created a form with bright colours that echo a rainbow, perceiving this as a metaphor for our times. What we will find at the end of the rainbow?”

Adam has installed the ‘Rope-Bridge”  at the edge of the lake at Birtley and it crosses the water to an island, which seems like a safe haven. Visitors have commented that the reflections in the water are enchanting.

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam Aaronson

Other installation possibilities

The dramatic “Rope Bridge” comes with the steel supports shown, (not including the weights on the base), however, if you would prefer to consider different installation options, please contact us. For example you could suspend the “Rope Bridge” between two trees.

Each glass element has been individually blown. Each tread is approximately 50cm wide with a diameter of around 4cm. There are 49 elements in this dramatic rainbow glass rope bridge sculpture, including six clear elements. The clear elements, seen from a distance, suggest gaps in the bridge, accentuating the pitfalls in the journey.