Specialising in free-blown glass, Adam Aaronson’s glass artwork experiments with self-taught methods, including painterly techniques and abstract patinas. Recently, he has been developing larger scale organic forms and exploring the idea of layering and glacial structures. Adam often uses hot glass methods to achieve forms more usually associated with kiln forming or cold assembled techniques.

These large, organic, free-blown vessels have surfaces fired with silver leaf and complex textures of colour. Their subtle luminosity and swirling, painterly effects are reminiscent of Impressionism.

Adam’s lustre works are subtly impressionistic and are to some degree inspired by the Whistler nocturnes as well as the paintings of Turner and Monet.

The “Secret Garden” abstract expressionist vessels are painterly and colourful.

Adam has been developing the “Lightscape” series of work for more than twenty years.

“Sanctuary” creates a cocoon from 23.5ct gold leaf, completely encapsulated inside a thick casing of clear glass.

Adam Aaronson’s “Fantasy Jewel” vessels are intended to seem ambiguous.

Inspired by a higgledy, piggledy fence, the “Boundaries” are whimsical sculptures designed to draw on the viewer’s imagination and are perhaps an allegory for our times.

Crowds have their own critical mass, but they are full of individuals. These could be flowers, birds, fish, faces, caricatures, puppets or simply abstract glass shapes.

The Elements’ series of sculptural vessels use a complex glassmaking technique similar to the coil method of building ceramic pots using multiple pieces of clay.

The Tranquility series is a vocabulary of forms created using an original technique developed by Adam, which he calls the “envelope manipulation” method.

These large-scale, free-blown glass sculptures were developed by Adam for a number of outdoor exhibitions country-wide.

Strata is a technically challenging series of works which uses a method of multilayered clear glass embellished with shots of colour or precious metal between the tiers.

Adam’s Dialogue sculptures are deliberately ambiguous, exploring personal emotions or commenting on a social or political event.

This body of sculptural works uses a number of elements that can be purchased individually or as an installation.

Adam’s “Abstract Emotions” series of elegant sculptural figures represent the human condition and our thoughts.

These contemplative sculptures from the “Empathy” collection resemble thought bubbles.