Glassblowing Short Taster Course

Glassblowing Taster Courses

Glassblowing Taster Courses

We are introducing a new series of Glassblowing Taster Courses in early 2018. Until recently, we have only been running our short Glassblowing Taster Courses in June during Surrey Artists Open Studios.

Christmas Holiday Glassblowing Courses in Surrey

However, these have been so popular that we have decided to run more Glassblowing Taster Courses this year. But we are still running our half-day courses on a regular basis as well. We also continue to offer the opportunity to develop your skills and currently have a number of students who come and blow glass on a regular basis.

Dates and Times

These short Glassblowing Taster Courses, which last around 90 minutes, take place on Fridays and Saturdays. On most Fridays there are four sessions, two in the morning, at 9.30am and 11.30am and two in the afternoon at 2pm and 4pm. A couple of times a month, we are running courses on Saturday mornings, at 9.30am and 11.30am. There will also be some Saturdays when we have afternoon sessions as well. The calendar shows courses from the end of January to the end of March.

You can see available dates here and also book online

Choice of pieces to make

You can choose to blow a tumbler, bowl, vase or scent bottle. Or you can opt to make a paperweight, heart, bird or other solid item. The course costs £50 (inc VAT) per piece and you can book more than one space if you want to make more than one piece. Some people might want to make three or four pieces and that’s fine. But if that’s what you’re thinking you may find it more worthwhile to do our half day course.

Glassblowing Short Taster Course

SAOS Surrey Artists Open Studios

During SAOS we will be running extra days with our short glass blowing taster courses. These will be available to book over the coming weeks.

What to wear

All safety equipment and materials are provided but please wear covered shoes and clothing suitable for a workshop environment.

We start each session with a safety briefing. Then Adam Aaronson gives a demonstration showing the method that each person will use to make the item of their choice, with assistance from Adam and one of his assistants, Will, Candice or Gina.

Next, choose your colours and style and work in turn on an individual basis with Adam and his assistant to create your unique piece.

No experience necessary

We adapt to each individual’s ability, giving you more or less assistance as required. This event is great fun to do on your own, or together with a group of family and friends.


You will probably take lots of photographs, during your glassblowing short taster course. So don’t forget to charge up your camera or your phone! Feel free to post images on instagram with the hashtag #adamaaronsonglass. Here is a link to our instagram page and also our Facebook page.

Your glass creation (s) needs to anneal in a kiln overnight. Our team will then grind and polish the base before signing it with your name, so usually you can collect your work on the following Friday.

We can arrange delivery to a UK address. This costs £10.