These large-scale, free-blown glass sculptures were developed by Adam for a number of outdoor exhibitions country-wide. Creating work to this scale requires carefully choreographed teamwork and intense planning and concentration. These sculptures are equally at home indoors or outside, with or without a plinth. Equally, they can be attached to a plinth or base of a different material than shown. Adam developed a two-part fitting to form the interface between the glass and the plinth to enable his sculptures to be securely displayed onboard luxury yachts.

“My Cloud series was originally inspired by Anish Kapoor’s polished stainless steel installations in Kensington Gardens, with their reflections of clouds passing overhead. The first pieces in this group relate to my Imaginary Landscape vessels, depicting an abstracted natural vista on their surface and incorporating silver leaf and surface texture. Later, I developed Cloud Garden sculptures, which are inspired by the vibrant colours of 17th Century Dutch flower paintings.”

  • Empathy

  • Spring Dawn

  • Cloud Garden VII