Adam has been developing the “Lightscape” series of work for more than twenty years. These simple forms use complex colouring techniques to create the effect of sweeping brushstrokes, influenced to some extent by colour field painting

The simple contrasts of colour are technically complex to achieve. “As with most of my work, there is a several built in random elements, which mean that it is impossible to recreate one of these truly unique vessels”

  • Sunset Lightscape by Adam AaronsonAdam Aaronson

    Sunset Lightscape

  • Spring Lightscape Vase by Adam AaronsonAdam Aaronson

    Spring Lightscape

  • Summer Lightscape Vase by Adam AaronsonAdam Aaronson

    Summer Lightscape

  • Winter Lightscape by Adam Aaronson handblown glassAdam Aaronson

    Winter Lightscape