The Tranquility series is a vocabulary of forms created using an original technique developed by Adam, which he calls the “envelope manipulation” method. Originating from a single glass bubble, these shapes capture the fluidity of the glass whilst molten, as well its independence and tenacity.

Inspired by forms found in nature, these fluid, asymmetrical pieces called Stone sculptures appear as a counterpoint to the more rounded shapes of conventionally blown glass.

“These forms work well as solo objects, but take on a new dimension when displayed in pairs or groups. The outer surface of the sculpture is often a clear sandblasted glass casing, while the inner core is coloured glass, creating a shadow effect.”

  • Stone: Monochrome Duo

  • Stone: Lightning

  • Stone: Celadon Sculptural Vessels

    Stone: Celadon Sculptural Vessels

  • Stone: Celadon Duo